Information for passangers with special needs

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Strona główna

This website was established to ensure the maximum assistance possible for passengers with special needs travelling from Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice.

Katowice Airport is doing its best to ensure disabled passengers are able to travel as comfortably as possible. Facilities for disabled travellers include:

  • Wheelchairs,
  • A pick-up and set-down area located directly outside the terminal building.
  • All majority of facilities are based on the ground floor,
  • Lifts are available for first and second floor access,
  • Disabled toilet facilities are available on all floors - and in the arrival and departure areas.

To ensure maximum assistance, passengers are asked to contact the airline directly, or through their travel agent, to advise them if they have problems with movement, need wheelchair assistance or have any special dietary requirements. This will enable any special arrangements at the airport, or during the flight, to be made.

Passengers with special needs are requested to advise the airport of all their requirements by completing the form.

Book assistance at the same time as you book your tickets, or with LS Technics
ph.: +48 32 392 73 94